Saddle Club,
Pre - Entry Options
Stalls may NOT be reserved without pre-entering
Pre-entry closes Tuesday prior to show at 10PM

1.        Click on "Pre-Entry Center" button, choose the correct division and fill out
the Pre-Entry  Form
Completely (incomplete entries will not be accepted. Click on
SUBMIT when done. This will email your entry directly to us.  All of your classes may
not show up on the confirmation - be reassured that they will all show up on the email
that is sent to us.  If entering a second horse & rider, be sure to click on "Reset"
prior to starting this entry.

2.    Call 770-385-7383 and pre-enter by phone.  If there is no answer
please leave the following information:
Your Name and a call back phone number,
rider's name, address, phone and division, if rider is a current NCSC member,
horse's name, stall reservation information - indicate an approximate time and
day of arrival, and the classes that you wish to enter.
If it is possible for you to
pre-enter by email, fax, or on-line, please do so!  This option is for those who
do not have access to a computer or a fax machine.

3.   Print the show form, fill it out COMPLETELY (incomplete entries will  
not be accepted - all info is needed)
, circle classes you wish to enter and
fax to 770-385-7383.

4.   Email your entry with COMPLETE information (incomplete entries will
not be accepted - this should include - name, address, phone, rider name,
horse name, division, classes, stall info, expected arrival date etc.) to

Pre-Entry deadline is the TUESDAY night prior to the show by 10PM.  If you
send your entry after this deadline, we will take it but it will be charged the
day of show entry fee and you will need to ask for a stall when you arrive.