Newton County Saddle Club 2023 Sponsors

Newton County Saddle Club, Inc. would like to thank our 2023 Sponsors for their support of our shows and our exhibitors.  Display ads run until December 31, 2023.  We offer several types of sponsorship choices (see sponsor form for more detailed information!)

Class Sponsorship
Sponsorship of either a regular or championship class – your name or business name is listed along with that class on the website and announced with that class at our horses shows.

End of Year Division Top Ten Sponsorship
Will be announced at banquet with the awards
Beginner Assisted English / Beginner Assisted Western / Challenged Rider Assisted English / Challenged Rider Assisted Western / Beginner Advanced English / Beginner Advanced Western / Challenged Rider Advanced English / Challenged Rider Advanced Western /Petite – Over / Petite – Under / English & Gaited / Western

Web Display Ad Sponsorships
Display ads will be featured on our website, displayed at the show office and also announced at our horse shows.

You are required to have a minimum of $40 (Adult/Youth) $60 (Family) in sponsorships by the end of the APRIL SHOW (unless joining in the fall 2023) in order to qualify for 2023 year end awards.

Current 2023 Class Sponsors – to be posted


Full Page Sponsors

Half Page Sponsors

Business Card Sponsors

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