Welcome to the Newton County Saddle Club!

Fun Classes -
Friday Evening
September 9th

1. Ride-A-Buck – Walk-Trot

2. Ride-A-Buck – Walk-Trot-Canter

3. Ribbon Race – Walk-Trot

4. Ribbon Race – Walk-Trot-Canter

5. Chin Apples – Walk-Trot

6. Chin Apples – Walk-Trot-Canter

Fun Classes -
Friday Evening
September 30th

2nd Annual

Costume Classes


Dog Derby!!

More Divisions & Awards!

2022 Changes to Sunday's Schedule


For 2022, the only changes to the show sheet will be on Sunday with some changes in the scheduling of Ranch classes (once again!)

The Ranch Horse Halter & TIP Ranch Horse Halter Classes will move back to Sunday morning with the rest of the Halter classes.

TIP Intro to Ranch Pleasure, TIP Ranch Horse Pleasure, TIP Intro to Ranch Pattern and TIP Ranch Horse Pattern will move to B Arena Sunday right after the Advanced Beginner Division and before B moves to Open Card.  

The Intro to Ranch Pleasure, Open Ranch Horse Pleasure, Intro to Ranch Pattern, and Open Ranch Pattern will remain at the end of the days schedule in Arena A.  All Ranch and TIP Ranch Trail will remain as open card classes in Arena B.

Have Any Questions?

Let us know if you have any questions! We would love to help.

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